You Can Save Your Marriage Starting Today

Dear Distressed Reader

For some of us, marriage can be a heartbreaking experience. Sadly our marriages can change from a place of refuge, into a battle zone, from a honeymoon to a living nightmare.

Where! You can't sleep, you can't eat ............. you can't think straight.

You're probably feeling like this right now, looking for answers, ........ how to save your marriage.

Well today is the day that your marriage changes. That's right, today you can take steps towards marriage renewal and huge strides away from that looming divorce.

It's not too late. The Save the Marriage System has restored literally hundreds of marriage and it can save your marriage too. You just need to have the right approach, a system that's proven itself time and time again, to work.

(However I'm not saying that it'll be easy, if you're looking for quick fix then you're in the wrong place).

I'll fill you in on the details in just a moment, but firstly I want you to know that:

♦ even when you're feeling overcome by a sense of hopelessness
♦ even when those small issues end in tears and screams
♦ even when saving your marriage may seem impossible and perhaps not to worth the effort.

Your marriage can be saved (even if you're the only one trying) and it's absolutely worth the effort.

Sadly, as you can see from the stats below there were 813,862 marriages that ended in divorce, in the U.S during 2014. (the annual number of divorces doesn't vary much from year to year).

save a marriage stats

That's 2 x 813,862 spouses who had given up hope and were so unhappy that they felt there was no other way out, other than to divorce.

I'm sure that in the wake of their divorce many of them are living with a degree of regret, about what happened and about what could've been.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I don't want you to live with regret and to become a statistic in the divorce tragedy, played out across our country.

You're here because you want to save your marriage, and so do I. Being here is a positive move, it's a first step to restoring your marriage.

So let's take a look at how to save your marriage, right now.

A Fresh Approach needed for an Old Problem

Divorce has been around for millennia, so you'd think by now, we'd be good at saving marriages from it. But sadly we're not.

Statistics show that;

20% of couples who've had traditional counseling stay together, happily married.
50% divorce anyway, and
30% stay unhappily married.

A 20% success rate is a pretty gloomy picture, is it not? (but as you'll see in a moment, the number of successful outcomes rose to 89.7%, by taking a different approach)


You'll be encouraged to know that ......

save your marriage
save your marriage

Dr Lee Baucom (Marriage Counsellor and Clinical Psychologist) felt the pain of failure, first hand in his own practice.

Fresh from university he found that the model of therapy he'd learned in the classroom, achieved the same disappointing result. Despite the mammoth effort he put into saving his clients' marriages from divorce.

After 15 years of experience dealing with distressed marriages on a daily basis and testing plenty of different techniques, he finally devised a marriage saving program that has an extremely high success rate.

In fact after surveying his clients, he found that he achieved a 89.7% success rate, (Finding based on internal surveys, individual results can vary) by doing things differently.

Astounded by these phenomenal results, Lee decided to adapt his clinical methods to a format which could reach more people, in order to solve their marriage crisis.

This outstanding program he named 'Save the Marriage System'.

I'll tell you about the 4x Module 'Save the Marriage System', which's laser tuned to instantly identify where your marriage is along the pathway to divorce.

And then give to you the steps which you need can take immediately to save your marriage today, in just a minute.

But firstly I'd like to share with some of the comments made by couples who've put the 'Save the Marriage System' into action.


Here's the Reason Why 'Save the Marriage System is so Successful

Unlike the traditional approaches, which are fettered to the notion of INDIVIDUAL HAPPINESS as the key element of marriage,

Lee discovered that a marriage is NOT 1 + 1 = 2, but rather 1 + 1 = 1.

Mathematically speaking it's completely false, but absolutely true when it comes to the unique relationship between a man and woman, when married.

Let me explain the implications of this breakthrough for your marriage.

Let's imagine that your marriage is like a finely tuned, dynamic SYSTEM. Over time the SYSTEM can become stressed, then out of balance, to the point where it seems to be falling apart.

However because it's a SYSTEM, if you change the input into the SYSTEM in some way, then it will cause the SYSTEM to change in some other way.

Which means if you identify just one aspect of your marriage (to start with) which is a cause of friction, and then make a positive change, it will force your spouse (who's ready to leave you) to change their behavior to accommodate the change that you've initiated.

Instead of repeating the same pattern of behavior, (which drives the same result; conflict) when you do something different, you'll force a different outcome. A better one.

Like the old fashioned biblical view 

'The two shall become one flesh'


From years of clinical practice Lee soon realized that although every couple takes a similar heart-renting pathway to divorce, nonetheless each of them are at a different points on that path.

He then systematically looked at all the stages of marriage breakdown, and found that they can be reduced to eight distinct stages in a broken relationship, that leads to divorce.

Armed with marriage transforming insight - he created a unique and radically different approach to saving marriages.

Let's take a closer look at the 'Save the Marriage System'. You'll see why it's so powerful.

save- your-marriage

Now before I tell the price of the Save the Marriage System (which is extremely reasonable), let me help you with some doubts that might be troubling you.

Perhaps you've tried other online marriage programs but they didn't deliver on their promises, and your marriage is still hurtling towards divorce.

I fully understand, it can make you skeptical.

You see, the problem with most online marriage programs is that they're written by ghostwriters, who have no clinical experience, so they just theorize.

Or they're those practitioners who hold to the tired, traditional model of therapy which has a proven 20% success rate, or an 80% failure rate.

However, the Save the Marriage System is different, it was forged in the on the battlefield of marital warfare. You see Dr Lee Baucom has tested and tried these unconventional principles over and over again with the help of thousands of his clients, until he perfected it.

And here's the astounding thing, not only do you get the benefit of years of clinical testing (and heartache) for just $47- ,

but we also include in the price - a FREE one hour over the phone Coaching Session, where you can discuss your marriage problems with one of our trained experts.

As you can see, we care .........unlike other online programs where the author remains anonymous, so that you're left to drift aimlessly, without any backup.

save your marriage

And if you find the Save the Marriage System didn't work for you (but we're confident this will not happen) or if it didn't live up to your expectations, for any reason.

Then we'll give you a complete refund, every penny of it will be returned to your account no squabbling. (just flick us an email)

And you can keep the System and the bonuses, as a gift for wasting your time.

There is absolutely no risk for you.

ONLY $47- 


They say 'opportunity only knocks once'. I'm not sure if that's true, but I do know that at this moment you're being offered an opportunity to save your marriage from certain ruin, if you continue to do nothing differently, then sadly this will happen.

Time hasn't healed the wounds, the situation is becoming desperate and the Save the Marriage System is throwing a lifeline to you, in your darkest hour.

I can't urge you strongly enough to grab it while it's available.

So that you can put an end to those:

♦ acrimonious fights & cruel comments, between you & your spouse.
♦ the nights when you cry yourself to sleep
♦ the haunting loneliness, which comes from a broken heart
♦ the financial hardship which awaits divorced couples

Simply by taking action, by using the unique & unconventional, but tested & proven Save the Marriage System, you can turn your marriage around.

So that you can start building;

♦ a friendship within your marriage based on the solid foundation of mutual respect and trust

♦ with the cornerstone of WE/OUR in your relationship which grows intimacy and prospers in lifelong commitment (& not the ME/MINE of failed marriages).

♦ a lifelong partnership in which to share your dreams & aspirations, as your spouse shares theirs with you.

Isn't that, what you really want? 

For only $47- you can get 4x Module Save the Marriage System, downloaded to your device or computer right now.

1. The Five Top Things NOT to do, when your partner wants out.

2. The Quick Start Guide, to Saving Your Marriage.

3. The Save the Marriage - the Core Resource to Save Your Marriage.

4. Down-N-Dirty Guide, to winning your Spouse back.

Plus 1x hr Coaching Session with a trained counsellor
(Free for residents of US)

Free Bonus Material 

1. Audio Discussion - Coping with a Midlife Marriage Crisis by Dr Lee Baucom

2. Audio Discussion - Recovering from an Affair, by Dr Lee Baucom.

3. Rules of Fair Fighting


We're not promising you a dream ride to marriage bliss, but a well trodden pathway, taken by hundred's others just like you, who with the right system and their commitment restored their marriages.

And so can you, even if you're the only person trying. Isn't that a prize worth fighting for?

And don't forget there's A 60 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if the program doesn't work for you.