Audio Message -When to Save or not Save your Marriage – 5 warning signs

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Marriages That - Can or Can’t be Saved – 5 Warning signs

According to Dr Lee Baucom (Relationship Counsellor) while most marriages or relationships can be saved (up to 80%), there are some that cannot.

In this audio message by Lee, you’ll learn when should try and when should not try - to save your relationship.

Saving a marriage requires the involvement of the totality of our being. It draws on our minds (where there can be rational conflict between the good and bad in us), our emotions and spirit, which is huge drain on our energy levels, leaving us in a state of exhaustion.

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The Marriage that should not be saved, is whenever you are the victim of habitual physical and psychology abuse. It’s time to pack your bags and leave.

Likewise, when your spouse is serial-‘affair’-offender or has been in the same affair for more than a year, which they refuse to end.

The other warning signs include;

1. Your spouse is so angry and resentful that they refuse to respond to your email, texts or conversations. There’s a serious communication breakdown. You need to re-establish communication firstly, in order to move to the next step of reconciliation.
2. Your personal boundaries are violated by your estranged spouse, such as name calling, unwarranted insults and abuse
3. Your spouse doesn’t want reconciliation. When your partner is unwilling to forgive, and has emotionally withdrawn their support for your relationship.

However even in these dire circumstances, there is some hope. You start looking at yourself (even if you’re not the one at fault- it’s not about blame). Work on changing the things within you that are an impediment to you being a loving, caring human being.
Things that make you a joy and an encouragement to be with, that make you attractive to others.

If you’d like more information about the Save the Marriage System, which has brought back hundreds of marriages from the brink of divorce.

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Lee Baucom’s Save the Marriage System takes an unconventional approach to saving marriages.

His approach is brutally honest and confronting, but cutting through the clutter and theories has meant that his system has achieved an over 80% success rate. (not bad when you consider the industry average is only 20%)

Enjoy the Audio Message

Stay Strong

Vic Matthews

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